Cyan’s Obduction looks exciting and worth supporting

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 by macpast

There are and have been a lot of gaming revival and spiritual successor Kickstarter campaigns worth backing. What makes Obduction exciting, besides the very cool style of the concepts and the pedigree of the developers, Cyan, (Creators of the Myst series) is what I’m hearing from them. The game is said to have a very traditional focus with next-gen visuals (Unreal4 tech should look great) and I trust Cyan on that. They’ve kept their company tight, small and independent on purpose not only to keep development focused  but also to build-in some reward for backers of the project. The more money put in, the bigger and bolder the game is. They are going to “do what they do,”

I’ve been terrible and lost-prone in every Cyan game I’ve tried.  However, I always find myself booting them back up; the feel of mystery and dread they created was special and I know I’m not alone. Cyan’s games are legendary, influential and pretty damn successful. I think given the developer’s success, they could bring a exploration adventure to the table and get a big publisher deal but that’s not going to happen. As you can see from the video, they want their vision uncompromisingly so, and good! The fate of the project goes to the fans. Myst and it’s sequels should be in any vintage computer game collection and I have a very good feeling about Cyan’s new IP.

It has a month from it’s October 17th starting date, ending November 16th. Obduction has a goal of $1,100,000. Currently on the 22nd, they are almost exactly at half-way.

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