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Heretic Multiplayer Game Night – Tonight! 9/26/13

Thursday, September 26th, 2013 by macpast


Tonight, this thursday evening, at about 10:30pm EST we’ll be hosting a Heretic server for some deathmatch action. Heretic was a 1994 first person shooter by Raven software using the Doom engine. It’s fun, varied and a little unappreciated today, so we’re pumped to host some games of it. Make sure to download all the needed files from the links below, and check the items guide link at the bottom so that you’re prepared! No excuses!

Doomsday Engine devs require a password for the server to be hosted on their master list so check back here at 10:30 for login details! 

We’ll be using the beautiful doomsday engine, which is free to download -> (scroll down, select operating system)

You’ll need the heretic.wad file, which is available at (don’t worry if you’re not using Mac Os – all you need is the heretic.wad file here to use with the doomsday engine!)

So join MacPast and couple of our friends as we test our hosting capabilities!

Heretic items – Besides adding a medieval/fantasy setting, Heretic added usable items and a simple inventory. These items will be scattered across the death match maps, and able to be picked up and used. Please Check this items overview from giant bomb so you can adequately blow us up (or change us into chickens first) ->