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How to do a Doom II LAN setup with Mac OS 9

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 by macpast


It was important for us that we got classic mac multiplayer games running on our old macs. We hit some snags, and even pleaded for some internet help. ( ) With the help of the classic community (thanks !) and some google searches, everying works like a charm. I was not able to find any kind of difinitive instruction guide for this, so here is ours! (This is ever-evolving as well, so, questions, comments, even corrections are welcome!)

Our Doom II Mac Os 9 LAN Setup –

We had our 400mhz imac colors (Red vs Orange) connected via an Ethernet switch.  AppleTalk was the used network connection type. Make sure to go to the control panel on each mac and make sure AppleTalk is activated. Now it’s time to launch Doom II!

To get Doom II into Multiplayer Mode, press as the developer credits roll to open the multiplayer option dialog box. Here you can set up your game’s settings and select 3rd party wads. Make sure all the computers involved all have the same options selected.

This is were we bumped into a problem; the iMacs would find each other and the Doom II loading screen would confirm that the game was gathered and data was loaded but the launching of the game would time out, every time. What was the solution? A patch! Luckily we were able to find one. – Use this to patch Doom II and the issue should be resolved!

I felt pretty proud for classic gaming, and pretty lucky that this patch was available and still being preserved. If for any reason you can’t find a good download link anymore – shoot us a message or email, we’d love to hook you up! (