Cyan’s Obduction looks exciting and worth supporting

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 by macpast

There are and have been a lot of gaming revival and spiritual successor Kickstarter campaigns worth backing. What makes Obduction exciting, besides the very cool style of the concepts and the pedigree of the developers, Cyan, (Creators of the Myst series) is what I’m hearing from them. The game is said to have a very traditional focus with next-gen visuals (Unreal4 tech should look great) and I trust Cyan on that. They’ve kept their company tight, small and independent on purpose not only to keep development focused  but also to build-in some reward for backers of the project. The more money put in, the bigger and bolder the game is. They are going to “do what they do,”

I’ve been terrible and lost-prone in every Cyan game I’ve tried.  However, I always find myself booting them back up; the feel of mystery and dread they created was special and I know I’m not alone. Cyan’s games are legendary, influential and pretty damn successful. I think given the developer’s success, they could bring a exploration adventure to the table and get a big publisher deal but that’s not going to happen. As you can see from the video, they want their vision uncompromisingly so, and good! The fate of the project goes to the fans. Myst and it’s sequels should be in any vintage computer game collection and I have a very good feeling about Cyan’s new IP.

It has a month from it’s October 17th starting date, ending November 16th. Obduction has a goal of $1,100,000. Currently on the 22nd, they are almost exactly at half-way.

Heretic Multiplayer Game Night – Tonight! 9/26/13

Thursday, September 26th, 2013 by macpast


Tonight, this thursday evening, at about 10:30pm EST we’ll be hosting a Heretic server for some deathmatch action. Heretic was a 1994 first person shooter by Raven software using the Doom engine. It’s fun, varied and a little unappreciated today, so we’re pumped to host some games of it. Make sure to download all the needed files from the links below, and check the items guide link at the bottom so that you’re prepared! No excuses!

Doomsday Engine devs require a password for the server to be hosted on their master list so check back here at 10:30 for login details! 

We’ll be using the beautiful doomsday engine, which is free to download -> (scroll down, select operating system)

You’ll need the heretic.wad file, which is available at (don’t worry if you’re not using Mac Os – all you need is the heretic.wad file here to use with the doomsday engine!)

So join MacPast and couple of our friends as we test our hosting capabilities!

Heretic items – Besides adding a medieval/fantasy setting, Heretic added usable items and a simple inventory. These items will be scattered across the death match maps, and able to be picked up and used. Please Check this items overview from giant bomb so you can adequately blow us up (or change us into chickens first) ->

How to do a Doom II LAN setup with Mac OS 9

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 by macpast


It was important for us that we got classic mac multiplayer games running on our old macs. We hit some snags, and even pleaded for some internet help. ( ) With the help of the classic community (thanks !) and some google searches, everying works like a charm. I was not able to find any kind of difinitive instruction guide for this, so here is ours! (This is ever-evolving as well, so, questions, comments, even corrections are welcome!)

Our Doom II Mac Os 9 LAN Setup –

We had our 400mhz imac colors (Red vs Orange) connected via an Ethernet switch.  AppleTalk was the used network connection type. Make sure to go to the control panel on each mac and make sure AppleTalk is activated. Now it’s time to launch Doom II!

To get Doom II into Multiplayer Mode, press as the developer credits roll to open the multiplayer option dialog box. Here you can set up your game’s settings and select 3rd party wads. Make sure all the computers involved all have the same options selected.

This is were we bumped into a problem; the iMacs would find each other and the Doom II loading screen would confirm that the game was gathered and data was loaded but the launching of the game would time out, every time. What was the solution? A patch! Luckily we were able to find one. – Use this to patch Doom II and the issue should be resolved!

I felt pretty proud for classic gaming, and pretty lucky that this patch was available and still being preserved. If for any reason you can’t find a good download link anymore – shoot us a message or email, we’d love to hook you up! (


Mac Os 9 Doom II LAN Problems – SOLVED !

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 by macpast

doom2 cover copy

All is well, thanks to a well preserved patch !

We can’t get our Os 9 Doom II lan to work – can you help solve the mystery? 


A quick introduction!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013 by Ari

Hey guys! So far Max has been posting everything but my name is Ari and I’m going to start contributing as well. I guess I can say that I’m the resident Mac collector. I have a whole bunch of old macs ranging from my PowerBook 165c to my Performa 6300cd to color-case iMacs all the way up to new MacBook pros and Mac Mini’s (not to mention the newton MessagePad I just picked up!). I’ve always loved everything Apple ever since I was a little kid, and now that I’m older and I can buy old crap, I’ve been collecting old macs haha. Money well spent in my opinion. I’ll be posting more about my collection with pictures and details!



What we’re trying to do

Thursday, February 21st, 2013 by macpast

There are tremendous online communities bent on preserving retro gaming and computer culture. Look no further than Macintosh Garden and Mariusnet for retro Mac culture, just to name a few. Legendary games like Doom, Marathon, Myth, and Duke3d live on with modern ports. We hope MacPast becomes a bridge between those solid in the community and those who have no idea what goodies nostalgia has to offer. Classic Mac OS and the PowerPC should not be forgotten. Through celebration of modern revivals of classic software/hardware along with showcasing the classics as intended we hope to help preserve the past of Mac. Specifics?
We’re talking video podcasts and streaming video events of Mac classic gaming and software demonstrations and competitions. Picture 4 player LANs of doom 2 running on color iMacs and powermac 8100s. We look to feature interviews of those blazing trials in the way we interact with old macs. We hope to host local classic LAN parties here on the east coast. We look to become a hub for sharing stores and media. Turned an iMac into a fishbowl? Ported old software? Modded an old PowerMac? We want to know about it. Reaching out to those unaware of the joys of old macs is key as well. We hope to become a social, multimedia and interactive center for the past of Mac. Hope you can join us.

mac loading

Classic Mac Gaming Shelf – Pictures below

Friday, February 1st, 2013 by macpast

I’ve been playing video games since I can remember. Nintendo, Genesis, and Apple Macintosh. I’d like to think I was the only 2nd Grader on the planet that pre ordered the original Quake. I’ve been a frustrated faithful for a long time. There were the painful moments like not being able to compete with friends in Red Alert matches, waiting for a Half-life & CS Max OS release in vain, and being told the only good games I could play came from Blizzard. Through the frustration came the moments of discovery and wonder; meeting up with friends I met gaming online with GameRanger (, appreciating classics no one I knew cared about like Fallout and Marathon and Myth and speaking of bungie – celebrating like it was my birthday when Halo was released finally, for Mac. Nowadays with dual booting, Steam and overall an acceptable amount of game support, there’s not much for a mac gamer to whine about.

But this shelve always reminds me of what it was like, and where I came from as a gamer. Here’s some shots of an self filled with mac gaming, past & present, that encompass that frustration and that discovery as well.

I once had the epiphany that explained to me how diehard New Jersey Nets actually existed. It was just like being a loyal Mac gamer in the nineties. Maybe the move to Brooklyn will be their Intel chipset.



Classic gaming moment: bungie business cards

Friday, February 1st, 2013 by macpast

It’s MacWorld 1997, and an 8 year old me is Stuck in marathon infinity. Naturally, I ask a guy at the bungie booth for help. It turned out to be a map designer. He hooked me up with a detailed drawing of the map on the back of a business card. Didn’t help me whatsoever, but man was it cool.




Our Mac gaming classics pt. 1

Saturday, January 26th, 2013 by macpast

Some Mac gaming classics!









Our old Macs – iMac Colors

Friday, January 25th, 2013 by macpast

Orange & Ruby G3 iMacs